American Wildlife Professional Photographers

We became professional wildlife photographers to show the beauty of wild animals in United States or in far countries. Our passion has led us to choose wetland birds and migratory birds, deer of the world, monkeys and large mammals living in the United States or Africa as themes. We like to give a quiet and ethereal vision of the animal world.

Amar and Isabelle Guillen, professional photographers specializing in wildlife photography.
Amar and Isabelle Guillen, professional photographers specializing in wildlife photography.

Why We Chose to Become Professional Wildlife Photographers

Wildlife is beautiful, surprising and interesting. Our passion for the beauties of nature has naturally led us to spend hours observing and learning about wildlife. But the use of binoculars and books does not satisfy us completely. We want to record all the beautiful  and unusual attitudes, expressions, and behaviors that we see while watching animals. Wildlife photography has allowed us to do this. It is also a way for us to demonstrate the beauties of nature through our pictures.

Inspired by the Beauties of Wildlife

All our artistic inspiration comes from contemplation of the beauties of nature. We find and observe animals to better understand their behavioral subtleties. Then we look for the lighting and background which complements the animal best. This is our photographic vision.

We attach significant importance to environmental wildlife photography. We prefer to photograph the animals in their natural environments, since this is where they make the best subjects. The long hours spent in waiting or pursuing the subject is rewarded when we finally capture the animal’s image within its exquisite native environment.

Our photographs of animals are oriented towards terrestrial mammals and birds. Macro photography or close-up photography of insects or small reptiles are not part of our photographic approach. It is a deliberate artistic choice on our part. Indeed, to create interesting photos, it takes a lot of time and numbers hours or days of waiting in hides. We had to make artistic choices.

Photographing Animals to Raise Awareness

Our photographs of wildlife have two purposes: to show the animals and express our feelings towards beautiful scenery. Indeed, it is often difficult to translate these emotions into words. A simple photo has become a wonderful way for us to showcase nature’s beauty. We can accomplish this through our exhibitions, our books, or our reports. We always try to show the fragility of the species we encounter, as well as their unique behavioral responses with human interaction.

During our years as photographers, we have noticed that few people truly appreciate and “know” their local environment. Their knowledge of animals is often limited to pets. Therefore, they do not adopt a protective attitude towards their local wildlife. As professional photographers, we take pictures of wildlife to sell them, but also to remind people of the fragility and beauty of well-known species living near them.

It is for all these reasons that we organize wildlife photography conferences during which we explain our passion and reveal secrets of wildlife professional photographers.

Rediscovering Forgotten Beauty

We strive to show the beauty and variety of the wildlife that people see all the time in their daily lives. Searching for hidden treasures in everyday places, we aspire to surprise and delight people with the beauty of local environments. Perhaps we can inspire the viewers to rediscover the native wildlife surrounding them.

For example, in the United States, we are passionate about the birds of Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico, as well as the migrating birds that come each year during March to High Island in South Texas.

Our profession of photographers encourages us to explore hidden treasures both near and far. Not only do we photography locally, we also travel to more distant regions. For example, African wildlife photography has become one of our passions for mammals and birds.

Wildlife photography is only a part of our passion for nature photography. For us, wildlife is an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration. Our sensitivity, found in different regions during our travels, deeply impacts our photographic works, thus resembling an inner part of us.

Using Photo Techniques to Show the Beauties of Wildlife

To better demonstrate the beauties of wildlife, we use all of the available photographic techniques. We prefer photographs with wide dynamic ranges that show all the delicate details of feathers and fur. Textures and materials are essential elements in wildlife photography. But the techniques themselves are not the main objective for us. They are only a means to achieve our goal, and that goal is to create a work of art which can be treasured for generations to come.

Creation of Artistic Photographs

The animal photographs we make on the field are intended to create collections of art photographs. These pieces of art are meant to encourage people to dream--we invite our viewers to escape the troubles of life by contemplating them. Our art photographs (also called fine art photos) have been specially created to arouse calmness and introspection. The collections show ethereal, uncluttered photos illuminating unique and evanescent moments.

We chose two themes for our art photographs. The first (in color) is entitled "Lights and Colors". The second, based on the technique of black and white, is entitled "Shades of Blacks and Whites”.

Sharing Our Passion With Other Photographers

We enjoy meeting other photographers who have similar passions for the beauties of wildlife. Exchanging both wildlife knowledge and technique creates an opportunity to share our passion for the beauties of nature with other photographers who are seeking for nature inspiration. This act of sharing often allows participants in our photo trips to discover new artistic inspiration.

We share our passion for wildlife photography through articles which we publish in our blog. This blog, dedicated to photography, is a way for us to share our knowledge and experiences of the animal world.

Our Career: Professional Photographers

Even if wildlife photography is our true passion and purpose in life, we ultimately remain professional photographers. As photographer artists, we draw our income from photography by marketing artwork and wildlife photography courses.

Our wildlife portfolio shows our artistic approach when photographing animals.