ACANP: Discover How to Create Different and Inspiriting Nature Photographs

You want to create interesting, different and above all, inspiring photos of nature.

You want to create nature photographs that reflect your personality.

But you run out of time because you have many activities and professional obligations. You do not have time to visit specialized websites, to read technical books or to meet other photographers.

The ACAPN method I use during my nature photography workshop has been developed to meet your expectations by giving you a real methodology and a real photographic technical framework

My ACANP method aims to help nature photographers develop their creativity and create interesting photos.

Our training courses are places of exchange between nature enthusiasts in friendly atmospheres.
My training courses are places of exchange between nature enthusiasts in friendly atmospheres.




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Photography Workshops Dedicated to Nature Enthusiasts


Not only do my workshops in wildlife, underwater, or landscape photography initiate training of photographs, but they also provide you with the opportunity to learn digital photo editing. My photography training courses will allow you to learn the techniques of artistic photography whether you are a beginner photographer or a confirmed photographer. I invite you to join us in this adventure!

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Amar Guillen. Professional Photographer Artist of nature.

Amar Guillen is a photographer artist.

His adventure with photography began in 1987 when he prepared and obtained his degree in computer engineering. He began to feel at that time, a real fascination for the sumptuous landscapes which surround him and the fauna which populates them. The need to express emotions in images is already being felt.

Since 2003, the year in which he became a professional nature photographer, Amar expresses in images and emotions the infinite mysteries that conceal nature, developing a personal, artistic and contemplative photographic language.

He devotes himself entirely and professionally to artistic photography. His research crystallizes around the underwater space, the animal universe and the terrestrial landscapes.

His quest is to highlight the preciousness of nature and to sublimate it.

I Want to Help You to Create Interesting Photos